Web Services

By definition, a web services project is a change or need that requires planning, a list of requirements, and a timeline with responsibilities. It is beyond the scope of our first-tier software support. As a Web Services plan subscriber, the client is assured priority status in receiving a full range of Campus Suite consultative web services including planning, design, programming and technical support.

Web Services handles various requests ranging from basic, immediate site updates to more complex projects involving multiple resources. There are two levels of web services; one for basic support of faculty and staff needing support for content updates, and one for project-based work requiring highly skilled developers and project managers. Projects are governed by our definition of best effort, and are broken into two categories; forecasted and unforecasted. All timelines are contingent on the requester’s response time. Delays in response will delay your timeline.

Services Provided

  • CSS and templates
  • Widgets (formerly called components in CS2.0 and earlier)
  • Content Production
  • Technical questions

Projects Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Campus Suite will guarantee the client a minimum of one (1) open, defined project at a time, with additional projects scheduled as a SOW (Statement of Work) is completed and approved. Campus Suite will work with the customer to define, open and prioritize additional projects based on availability of resources, but one (1) is the number of open projects that Campus Suite will guarantee availability for. Scheduling of additional projects can happen concurrently.

  1. A project submission form will be provided to formally submit a project to Campus Suite support.
  2. Support will assemble a statement of work to be reviewed and approved by the customer.
  3. Scheduled projects in the queue will be reviewed and discussed during monthly planning calls.
  4. One project must be completed, and closed before the next project is opened.
  5. In all cases, Campus Suite platform limitations will be respected. We will make every effort to accommodate each request, but not not beyond the limitations of the current Campus Suite version. See our definition of best effort.


The total support time covered in monthly agreements is (40) hours and separated into to two categories.

  • Immediate request (Un-forecasted)
  • Project request (Forecasted, requires SOW)

Two Project Request Types, defined as:

Faculty and staff have an immediate request for a change. Campus Suite schedules in advance, and follows the prioritization order when working. Campus Suite can upgrade the request if a critical need is defined:
  • 4-hour email response to confirm that a ticket has been opened

  • Next-business-day response defining request as a support item or a project

Project (Forecasted)
Requires SOW
A project is any Personal, Visual, or Technical request that is larger in scope and resources, and requires a formal Statement of Work (SOW) to be developed. A project is moved from the SLA queue, and is assigned a timeline and completion date after a SOW has been approved, and signed by the customer.
  • CSS and templates
    • Web page templates
    • Adding elements to existing templates
  • Widgets (formerly Components)
    • Custom components (to be scheduled and planned)
    • Supporting custom components
  • Production
    • Creating and editing pages
    • Create graphics (banners, imagery and other design elements)
  • Social media integration
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • Integration of approved, third-party systems
  • Administration
    • Setting up new web sites and departments

Definition of Statement of Work (SOW)

A Statement of Work (SOW) is required to insure that both Campus Suite and the customer define and respect timelines and utilization of resources. A service request that is upgraded to a project is removed from the support SLA queue, and will follow the Web Services SLA. A SOW is required for all projects, and must be defined and approved by the customer primary contact before resource scheduling and deadline assignment can occur. If major changes are required after an approved SOW, a project may be suspended, and a new, revised SOW created before rescheduling. Delays in response or approval of requests in the SOW process will likely delay timelines and delivery dates. A SOW will contain:

  1. Defined goals and outcome of the project
  2. Key Campus Suite, customer, and third-party staff
  3. Major deliverable(s)
  4. Client-facing tasks and required items
  5. Proposed timeline with milestones
  6. Final approval

Project Management

  1. 4-hour email or phone response to confirm that a web project is logged
  2. Phone requests may be responded to via email
  3. 48-hour prioritized response for any request under (4) hours, all other requests will be scheduled based on Support production schedule.
  4. 24-hour response defining your project request with an action plan for next step
  5. Monthly review/planning meeting with Campus Suite support

Project request process

  1. Submit a new project to Campus Suite support via the provided project submittal form.
  2. Campus Suite will open the project, and attempt to define your Statement of Work, or SOW for the project
  3. Campus Suite will notify you that a new project is open in our project management system waiting for your response on the SOW
  4. When you approve the SOW, Campus Suite will define project details
  5. Campus Suite will apply a timeline, a list of tasks, assign the tasks to the appropriate people on the project, and notify you to request final approval
  6. You approve the project, and the project is executed per timeline and requests.

Customer requirements

  • Conduct a monthly review with Campus Suite support
    • Your needs will define the format of this meeting
  • Forecast any upcoming project needs for the next 90 days
    • Use Campus Suite defined systems for agreement management
    • Use the support management system as a communication hub for support and opening new project requests
    • Use the project management system as a communication hub for projects
  • Use Google Doc’s to maintain a shared planning document
  • Answer Campus Suite questions and requests in a timely fashion
    • All timelines and requests are contingent on customer responses, delays with requests will delay the resolution
  • Log your requests properly in the Campus Suite support system, and
  • Work within the defined profiles of a support request, a project, and Campus Suite’s definition of best effort