Viewing a Draft

A page can have two different copies, the live copy and the draft copy. All pages have a live copy, but not every one will have a draft copies; only pages with saved drafts will have a draft copy.

A page is also limited to one draft copy. Multiple users cannot submit thier own draft for a page. Users will need to collaborate on the single draft if more than one person is making changes to it.

Upon first visiting a page, you will be viewing the live version of it. To view the draft version of a page (assuming a draft version exists):


  1. Navigate to the necessary page.
  2. Click the View Draft button in the dashbar.
  3. The page will reload, and you will be viewing the current draft of the page. The dashbar will be populated with buttons that allow you to manage the draft. Depending on your access level, you may be limited as to what you can do with the draft.