Campusuite offers many different layouts, or templates, that you can use to better organize your pages. These templates allow you to create multi-column pages to hold your content.

Changing the template on a page can greatly affect the layout of the content, and depending on a setting when the template is selected, it could even clear your page off all of its content. It is strongly suggested that page templates are considered and chosen when a page is first created, rather than adding in a significant amount of content and then changing the template.


Changing a Page's Template

  1. Click the Templates button on the Editor Toolbar. The Content Templates dialog will show. View a description of this interface for reference.
  2. Before choosing a template, be sure to set the Replace Actual Contents checkbox the way you want it. If this is checked at the time you make your template selection, you will lose the content on your page (you can always undo or cancel the changes to the page to get the content back). By default, this box is checked, so be sure to double-check it when you change templates.
  3. Scroll through the list of available templates and select the one you wish to use. If you no longer want to change the template, simply click the Cancel button at the bottom of the dialog to close it, keeping your current template.
  4. The dialog will close as soon as you click a template, and the one you selected will be applied to the page. Most likely, you will now need to move around content to where you want it in the template, unless you chose to replace the content.


Removing the Template

There is no way to "remove" a template from a page completely; all pages must have a template. If you chose a template that you do not like, to "remove" it, you simply need to select another template. There is a basic template available (called "Single (full column)" that is used by default for all new pages. To "clear" a template, simply select this basic one as the new template for the page.