Getting Started as a Teacher



After your system administrator has set up and granted you access to your teacher page, all you have to do is login and go!

Teachers can either draft content for later approval and publishing, or can make immediate changes to content on their site. In addition to their own changes, Teachers can set up "helpers" if allowed by your organization that can help manage and contribute to your site. (such a feature is not enabled by default; special permissions for this need to be granted by an Administrator).

Topics that help teachers get started include:



The dashboard interfaces as they pertain to Publishers are described below.


Main Dashboard


(1) Dashboard Tab: This is the main page of the dashboard (which is what is being shown in the screenshot). Shows a summary of different aspects of the system.
(2) Digital Assets Tab: Allows one to access the digital asset library.
(3) Logout Tab: Immediately logs you out of the system.
(4) FAQs: All of the FAQs in the system can be easily managed through this one interface.
(5) Departments Panel: This piece of the dashboard will allow you to easily traverse the departments in the system that you have access to. The tabs in this frame will direct you to more specific departments in the system. Clicking on the title/name of a department will open up that department's web site. (If the name does not appear as a hyperlink, then no web content is associated with it.)
(6) Profile Panel: A summary of your profile information is shown here. This also allows you to quickly edit information about yourself or change your profile's avatar.
(7) Support Panel: This section of the dashboard will link you to the support site for Campusuite, as well as give you quick links to the more popular content on the support site.


Main Dashboard with Drafts


(1) Drafts Panel: This panel will only show if there are any drafts currently in the system. In this panel, you can view the different drafts in the system and quickly manage them. The tabs contained in the panel can filter the drafts to only show specific types of drafts you are interested in. Clicking the title of a draft will take you to where you can view, edit, or publish the draft.


Digital Assets


(1) Search: This page allows you to search the library for certain files. A search can be made by using custom keywords, pre-defined keywords, and a date range.
(2) Lightboxes: Lightboxes can be created, edited, and deleted through this item.
(3) Help: This launches a new window populated with support documentation related to digital asset management.