Submitting a Draft for Review

Administrators and Publishers are able to utilize drafts, but they can publish them to the live site whenever they want. Writers, on the other hand, must have thier drafts approved and made live by a Publisher (when a Publisher is given the Content Manager privilege) or an Administrator.

When a draft is submitted for review, the next highest up content manager will be notified of the draft and will review it. From here, they can approve or reject the draft. A rejected draft may simply need to be fixed, or it may be scrapped altogether.

Depending on the content manager that receives the notification, the draft may need to be submitted for review again by that person. This scenario will only exist if Writers with the Content Manager permission exist. View the summary of the draft workflow to learn more about how this process works.

To submit a draft for review:

  1. Navigate to the necessary page.
  2. Click the View Draft button in the dashbar. You will now be viewing the draft version of the page.
  3. Click the Submit for Review button in the dashbar. The dashbar will expand, and you can enter a comment as well as select which Content Manager should receive the notification. Only the applicable Content Managers will be listed.
  4. The Content Manager will be notified, and you will need to await the result of the review.