Scheduling a Draft

Not only can drafts be used to manage how content makes its way onto the site, but they can also be used to manage when content becomes live.

If a page has a draft associated with it, it is possible to schedule a date when that page should go live. This way, you can stage pages and have them ready to go, but not release them until the necessary time. This is a great feature for getting pages ready for a special event or campaign that is awaiting a press release before going live on the site.

Note that when the draft system is used for this, each page is still only limited to one draft. So, if you choose this route for an already existing page, and say a Writer needs to make a change on the original page, they could not do this without breaking the system. Either thier change will have to wait, or the staged page will be lost.

To schedule a draft:

  1. Navigate to the necessary page.
  2. Click the View Draft button in the dashbar. You will now be viewing the draft version of the page.
  3. Click the Schedule Live button in the dashbar. You will be redirected to a page asking you to select a date.
  4. Select the date using the date picker, or type in a date when you want the page to be made live. If typing in a date, be sure to use the format "MM/DD/YYYY".
  5. When finished, click the Schedule Date button. You will be returned to the draft view of the page.