Campus Suite Roadmap

Continuously improving our products and services require staying in touch with what our users need and want. Check out what's in progress, what's on deck, or submit some ideas of your own. All requests will be reviewed and considered. When a request is approved, it is scheduled to be released in our next product update. Find all updates and their status on this page.


Random/Responsive Image Carousel

Many have asked for a random image loader on the front of their home page so that each time a visitor comes to the site, there is a different image. We're working to add this to our responsive carousel function.


Responsive Tables

You might have noticed that the tables of yesterday do not play nice on the small screens of mobile phones. Standards do exist to help make them fit better on small screens and our team is working to make them really easy to add and manage via the page editor.

Responsive Navigation Menus

There are many responsive menu solutions out there that one can implement on a website, but a solution that works predictably on all the most common browsers and devices is another story. It's critical that school websites use technology that will not hinder or confuse parents, students and the community when they visit your website. Our teams are working towards an integrated solution that not only adapts to the most common and current platforms, but one that can be updated via the Campus Suite CMS. We'll keep you updated.

Design Guide revisions for Designers

Revision of Campus Suite Design Guide for Designers. Those in our FLEX system have asked for more control in designing templates for Campus Suite. We're adding some features and streamlining the process and we will be updating our design standards here.