Roadmap: Completed Updates


Blog Module upgrade - v2.5

The update consisted of moving the blog subscribe to the side bar as well as updating the structure of our blog list and blog posts. This is much more logical and now allows the user to subscribe to a blog from a single post or from the post list.


Calendar Feed Listing Feature

iCal, RSS, blah-bity-blah. Yes, there are still those who are not familiar with feeds, and subscribing--and we've heard your pain. Some of you have noticed the "Subscribe" links and buttons around Campus Suite, and you wonder what they are. Some browsers such as Chrome still don't know what to do with RSS feeds. Users in Chrome who click on an RSS file get the actual XML code displayed in the browser. Some people think it's an error, but really, it's just the browser trying to render the RSS file. Our solution is to create a common page unique to your site that does three things. First, it will tell you what an RSS or iCal feed is. Second, we'll present to your visitor some common programs available to use these feeds. Third, will list all of the available feeds on your site so that the user can choose the appropriate feed to subscribe to. We think this will resolve some of the confusion people are having with feeds.


Newsletter Module to Department

We had to revisit how the newsletter function worked when we upgraded the template system to a responsive grid in Campus Suite v2.5. The newsletter used to be a module in Campus Suite. It's been deprecated as a module and has become a dedicated "department" in Campus Suite that will allow you to create rich newsletters with the click of a few buttons, then easily choose what items (news, events, blogs and galleries) that you want to add to the newsletter. If you do not yet have the newsletter set up in your site, ask support to help you get it set up.


Improved Draft Workflow

New and improved workflow. Enhanced commenting, and more easily accessible functions for editing and collaboration. Launched February 2014.


Responsive Design Templating System v2.5.55

Upgrading our template system to include responsive design functionality.


Improved News and Blog Image Processor v2.5.54

News and Blog tools now support a wider array of image formats, dpi's, and file sizes.


Updated Navigation Renderer v2.5.53

Updating the navigation rendering code to be better optimized for speed. This will reduce page load time for areas of sites that contain large amounts of navigation links.


iCal Calendar Importing v2.5.52

Users will be able to subscribe department calendars to outside iCal files and feeds.


Redirect Manager v2.5.51

Campusuite administrators can now manage url redirects from the dashboard for pages that have been moved or deleted.


Tag Manager - v2.5.50

A manger that allows a senior level administrator to manage all the tags in the system. Functions include:

  • Lock publishers from adding new tags
  • Delete, add and merge tags
  • See what tags are associated with what items


Mobile version v2.5.44

New mobile sites for smart phones that provide an easy way to users to stay connected with the latest information as well as other helpful tools.

  • Directory search and contact information
  • News and calendar
  • Automated alert banners
  • Managed with publishing tools in Campusuite
  • Browser detection on full site to redirect to mobile site when user visits site on smart phone


Imagespace CMYK color profile conversion v2.5.47

Fix for processing CMYK files with embedded color profiles to ensure the RGB versions match the original colors.


FAQ Module Enhancement - v2.5.40

Enhancements to the FAQ module:

  • Improve flexibility and efficiency adding FAQ's for teachers
  • Attach PDF file's
  • Add tagging for FAQ sorting
  • Friendly URL's


Clickable Calendar Component v2.5.36


Imagespace additional file support - v2.5.37

Additional file support and links. This will allow a user to add links to other services and assets to allow organization and sharing.


Campusuite Calendar Update - v2.5.31

Miscellaneous updates to the calendar module. Includes the ability for an athletics department to be able to use the events module to input regular (non-game) events. Also includes better formatting for the start and end times. The admin interface will be improved for better legibility and ease of use.


Discussion Groups Update - v2.5.32

Miscellaneous improvements to the groups module.

  • A "report abuse" link that allows someone to identify and report a comment that need immediate moderation with the click of a button
  • Improvements to the outgoing emails to make the topic of discussion more apparent
  • Private groups will be updated so no one can see or read anything until formal access has been granted
  • Minor improvements to the digest format of emails


Imagespace updates v2.5.34

Resolving minor issues with the search functionality along with performance enhancement.


Nav Editor Upgrade Phase 1 - v2.5.22

The XML based navigation will be converted to database information to allow further expansion (in PHASE 2 &3) and for greater control over security. Sitebuilder will be able to interact with site pages better. Enhanced control over user access, template options, and a better user interface.


Department Admin Screen - v2.5.21

Ability to view all departments and see the sub departments and users under it. There will be a number of enhancements to increase performance on sites that have many departments and users. The interface will be imporved to better display at a glance, user access, departments (public/private), the number of users in a department, and the ability to open a sub-department without refreshing the page.


Newsletter upgrade - v2.5.24

Addition of a "Super Aggregator Component" that allows users to drop in and organize different types of data that already exists in the system. Allows multiple templates instead of one. All templates can be customized. Improved link scanning to ensure all links added to a newsletter work.