Managing Navigation and Menus



This documentation is for Campus Suite 2.5 and above and describes how to manage your primary navigation and fly-out mega-menus via the CMS.

Manage Primary Navigation

By default the entire website uses the navigation found in Shared Content Main Navigation.

From your main dashboard, click Shared Content Main Navigation and once on that page. You will arrive on this page: /shared-content-main-navigation/. No click Edit Navigation at the top. Here you can manage and order your primary navigation. Be sure to check that all your links fit horizontally across the top without wrapping. You may need to edit to shorten links so things remain aesthetically correct.

Manage Fly-out/Mega-menus

To manage your fly-out menus, click Shared Content Default from your main dashboard, and once on that page, click Header Content in the left navigation. Then, click Drop/Mega Menus in the left navigation. You will be on this page: /shared-content-temp-default/Mega-Menus.cfm.

This is able to be overridden on a per-school basis by creating a department under the school's main group called: "Shared Content SCHOOL NAME Navigation" with the directory mapped to:

Fly-outs are then edited in that school templates shared content directory.  These files are automatically placed anytime a new template is registered in the system.