Premier Partner Program

The Campusuite Premier Partner program is intended for key Campusuite clients who can  offer insights and advice as client advocates for the Campusuite and Imagespace platforms,  and help drive Innersync’s client-centric mission. Partners are part of a key focus group that advise Innersync on far-ranging client needs and development roadmaps.


To be eligible for the program

  • Must be a Campusuite Enterprise client
  • Must carry a Web Services agreement
  • Must be an educational facility with 500+ faculty and staff

Your team must be able to

  • Participate in a quarterly review web meeting with Innersync Management team
  • Participate in a yearly virtual or physical round table forum
  • Be able to confidentially share and discuss ideas, concepts, and issues with other Campusuite Premier program members
  • Complete surveys and questionnaires as needed

Benefits for Campus Premier Partners include

  • Direct priority input on the product development cycle
  • Discounts on custom build modules and features
  • Peer group idea sharing and support
  • Beta level access and input for new releases