Page Locks



Campus Suite utilizes a page lock system that prevents multiple users from editing a file at the same time. This is to prevent concurrent editing so that one user doesn't overwrite another users edits. The first person to edit the page is given the lock, and their lock is not released until they save the page or cancel their changes.

When a page is locked, the dashbar will alert you of the lock, and will specify who has the current lock. See the screenshot below:

When the person with the lock is finished, the dashbar will show the normal edit buttons. If a page shows a lock is in place, you will need to refresh the page to update the lock status. If a lock doesn't clear, and you know the other person is not editing it, then the user likely didn't exit the page editor correctly. Now and then, locks can be strayed. A message to a system administrator is required to ask them to clear the lock.


Page Lock Issues

Page locks are obtained when a user clicks the Edit Page button in the dashbar. A lock is cached on the server until the user releases it.

When a user navigates away from the page editor normally, such as clicking the Save Page button, this lock is released. Abnormal termination of the page editing session for a given page will not clear this lock. For instance, if a user is editing a page and accidentally closes out of their browser or uses their back button to back out of the page editor. Since the system was not correctly notified that it should release the lock, the page will continue to stay locked. As a result, the next user to come and edit the page is told the page is locked by the previous user when in fact, they are no longer editing it.

In order to keep this from happening, it is stressed that you use the Save Page button or the Cancel button in the page editor when finished editing a page.


Clearing a Page Lock

Only Administrators can clear erroneous page locks. Publishers will need to contact Administrators when this action is needed. Page locks will expire after two hours automatically.

Page locks should only be cleared when you know for a fact the user with the lock is no longer using the file. If you clear the lock while another person is actually editing, you run the risk of having multiple people editing the same page at the same time. This will most likely result in someone's work getting overwritten.

  1. Navigate to the page with the page lock.
  2. The dashbar will alert you to the presence of a lock. If you have the proper permissions, a Clear Lock link will be showing with this message; click this link.
  3. The lock will be removed, and the page will refresh. The dashbar should now be showing as it normally does.