Page History



As edits are made to a page and saved, Campusuite will automatically cache the previous version of the page. So, it is possible within Campusuite to change a page that has had multiple revisions back to the original version when it was first created. Being able to go back and forth between page revisions can be useful in cases where pages may have been changed unknowingly or contain erroneous data.

Along with these page versions, the name of the user who created a particular version of a page is also recorded, as is the time and date the page was made live. This feature allows you to see a log of who has been working with certain pages as well as when.

Just because a page version may exist in the history, it does not mean the page was necessarily changed. If a user simply entered the page editor, made no changes, but chose to save rather than cancel, an entry in the page history would have been created.


Reverting a Page Back to a Previous Version

Until the page history is cleared (most likely this will not be done, but some system administrators may run programs that clean up the page histories), a page can be reverted back to a previous version.

When you revert a page back to an older version, you will not lose any other versions. This action is seen as a new page edit, so another entry in the page history will be created at the time and date you reverted the page.

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to revert back to an older version.
  2. Click the Edit Page button in the dashbar.
  3. The page will refresh, but will this time show the page editor. Near the top of the editor are two tabs, one of which is the Page History tab; click this.
  4. You will be presented with a list of entries in the page editing history. Each entry will show the date and time the page was saved, as well as who the user was who made the changes. Clicking on one of the history entries will allow you to preview it.
  5. After making a selection and previewing the content, you can choose to revert the page back to this previous version by clicking the Revert to This Version button. Clicking the Cancel button will navigate you back to the listing of history entries, where you can select another.
  6. When you click the Revert to This Version button, the page's content will be loaded into the editor, where you can make edits if you wish. When finished, click the Save Page button to save the page.