Modules are extensions to the base Campusuite system. They allow your organization to manage particular types of data besides pages, such as news, events, and blogs.


Enabling Modules for a Department

Modules are used at the department level and in order for a department (or any web site attached to that department) to make use of a module, that department will need to be setup to use it.

  1. On the Department Administration page, click the Edit Department button for the sub-department that you wish to edit. The Modify Sub Department page will be shown.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page. There will be a section for "Campusuite Access Options". This section will list out all of the available modules.
  3. Each module will have a checkbox next to it; if a box is checked, then the appropriate module is enabled for the department. Enable or disable a department's access to particular modules as needed.
  4. Once satisfied, click the Update button to save your changes, or click Cancel to ignore them.