Modules & Widgets

Campusuite on its own provides many features, yet those features can be augmented with the use of modules. Modules are used to manage specific types of data, such as faculty profiles and events, and allow them to be dynamically displayed on your site. The most common modules within Campusuite include:


Blogs are great places to deliver important, yet more casual, content to your visitors. The Blog modules allows the departments in your organization to create, manage, and update their own blogs.


Your organization most likely is constantly scheduling events at your campus. The Calendar modules allows you to alert your visitors of all the happenings at your organization.


The pages on your site are meant to hold more static content, yet there are many news-worthy happenings on campus that should probably be posted to the site. The News module allows users to create and post news releases that can be pulled dynamically and placed onto any page in Campusuite.


Email communication is a must for any organization, but creating templates and populating e-newsletters from your site's information usually involves a lot of copying and pasting, with the results often not being desirable. The Newsletter modules allows users to quickly compile an email newsletter with a pre-built template from both static content entered manually, as well as being able to populate content from pages or modules used in your site.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are very important resources for your visitors, yet they can be difficult to manage at times. The FAQ module allows visitors to submit questions, and provides the ability for your Campusuite users to approve and post them for all to see.


Many organizations have multitudes of photo sets from different happenings around campus. The Gallery module allows groups of photos to be made publicly available on your site via an attractive interface.