Making a Hidden Page Visible

Hidden pages can still be found by Campusuite users rather easily, and can be accessed by direct URLs. Some pages may remain hidden on your site for long periods of time. For instance, say you have a page with information on it that you only want certain people, like your students, to view. It may be okay for this information to be viewed by others, but since it is intended for students, the page can be hidden and the students can be given a direct URL to the page. Other pages may be hidden temporarily, and will eventually need to be made visible again.

To make a hidden page visible:

  1. You must be viewing a page in the website for which you want to organize pages.
  2. Click the Edit Navigation button in the dashbar. The Navigation Editor will be shown.
  3. Find the navigation item in the Navigation Editor that you want to make visible. Click the title of the item to open its navigation properties. The Modify Link page will show.
  4. Click the Advanced Options item to expand the extra options.
  5. In these options will be a Display field, with the option of Hidden. Disable this option.
  6. Click the Update button to save the changes.
  7. You will return to the Navigation Editor.