Campus Suite Known Issues

The following are known issues/bugs in the system that we are aware of and are working to fix. We are constantly adding and updating this page so that our customers can check to see if there are known problems, and also what we are doing to fix them.



Please note that we are always adding and removing support for various browsers and devices. As technology changes, so does our support for browsers and devices. This is important to understand as we strive to keep your website working on the most common browsers and devices. Check back often so that you can understand where there may be nuances from one browser to another.

  • We support the following browsers and versions.
    • Internet Explorer 9 and 10
    • Chrome (current version and 1 version back)
    • Safari (current version and 1 version back)
    • Firefox (current version and 1 version back)
  • We no longer support IE7.
  • We do not yet fully support IE11. We are working on support for IE11, but please know that because Microsoft is putting out new versions so frequently, it takes time to identify and address new issues.
  • We will support IE8 up until we fully support IE11. Then we will stop support in IE8


  • Drafts Panel: Administrators of organizations with large numbers of drafts will experience a longer load time when logging in (or accessing the dashboard) due to all the drafts being loaded. We are looking at ways to streamline this process.

Manage Departments

  • Department Graphic: When editing departments, if you upload a graphic named the same as the reserved filename (dept-header-graphic.jpg) it will not name the image properly and therefore, not show. Change the name of the graphic to anything other than "dept-header-graphic.jpg" before selecting and uploading via the modify department screen.

Drafts and History

  • Page History: When viewing pages in a page history, while the logic is in tact, widgets and shared content do not render in this view, making it difficult to see the content and layout of the page because the content is not rendered.
  • Drafts and History: When working on a draft, the "page history" shows, and it should not. If you revert to a page in the history, it will not revert the draft, but it will revert the live page. We are working to remove the "page history" tab, or make it so that a historical page could be reverted in to the draft. This will be documented once remedied.

Page Editor

  • Image Size Handles Missing: In any webkit browser (Chrome, Opera, and Safari) images are missing the "drag handles" to resize. It is a bug/issue with the native image handling in the browser itself. Campus Suite integrates CKEditor for page-editing. The work-around is to resize images is to invoke the image properties dialogue and type in the image dimensions you require. Upon save, the image will be resized and optimized.
  • Lock Files: Lock files sometimes become strayed. If a user clicks "Edit Page," on a screen, the user enters the page editor and a lock file is created (telling others who are editing the file to avoid concurrent access) If the user clicks their browser "back" button, and not "Save" or "Cancel," the lock file is not removed... and it leaves the page locked out. This leaves a stray lock file that any Administrator can clear. Locks are cleared after two hours of not being edited automatically.
  • Hard Returns: Hard returns (pressing enter alone vs. enter+shift for a soft return) in the Editor sometimes work, but sometimes create a new DIV, breaking structures. Current work around is to go into the source view and fix by removing the undesired tags
  • Updating images: When editing a page and replacing an existing image on the current page by replacing a file in the file browser, the image might not refresh in the editor's view until after you save and refresh the page in the browser. This is really a browser issue, but we're looking for a way to automatically handle this.
  • Syndicated content: If a syndicated page uses a component or includes the content of another page within, it does not render that content when the syndicated page is pulled into its final destination. 12-1-12 Update: This issue is a limitation of technology in the 1.0 and 2.0 systems and is resolved in Campus Suite 2.5
  • Email addresses and spell checker: Spell checker hangs up on pages that have email addresses. The encoding that the editor uses to encode email addresses trips dotDefender (one of our security firewalls) because dotDefender thinks it is cross-site scripting and it gets blocked.
  • Internet Explorer and DIV content areas: In Internet Explorer, in order to edit text you must double click in the area you want to update before you can type in it. This is an IE specific issue.
  • Filenaming: Uploading an image or file with an extra period or other odd, internet-illegal characters will sometimes result in an error. We are working on a automatic renaming method, but in the meantime, users should read and understand how to properly name any file being uploaded to their web site.
  • Editor adds extraneous tags: The editor adds opening and closing paragraph tags around components each time page is edited or saved. This may cause unwanted spacing. To remedy, replace the paragraph tags with a basic DIV tags (within the source view). This will keep the editor from adding the paragraph tag when editing or saving in the future.
  • Paste as Plain Text: Currently the tool is not available in the latest version (43.0) of Firefox. The current work around is a simple keyboard command, Ctrl + Shift + V. That is similar to the paste command but instead of bringing in any styles such as bold, underline and etc.. it removes them while keeping the paragraph breaks. Click here for additional options.

Imagespace (Digital Assets)

  • When you are viewing the details of an image and try to add it to a lightbox, you get an error.
  • When using the Image manipulation tools to rotate or flop an image that was imported into the library with the wrong orientation, it's possible the user may need to hit ALT Refresh to see the updated image in the browser. This is due to local browser cache settings. We are working on a way to override local browser cache settings to remedy this issue.


  • News Module: When editing a news release and adjusting the cropping of the imagery, the browser does not clear the cache to show you the accurate cropping. Current work-around is to hold ALT Refresh on the pc, or just clear your cache on the mac and then the proper cropping adjustment will display. This is a local browser issue related to the users individual settings.
  • News Module, Single quotes issue: If single quotes are used in the headline of a news release, they are actually converted to double quotes upon submission to the database. Editing the item and changing back to single quotes works. It's only on the submission. Current work-around it to edit the item and change them back to single-quotes.
  • Calendar Module: The calendar module can synchronize in data from an external calendar via an iCal feed. Recurring events do not report correctly in that only the first occurrence of an event will sync in. The workaround is to manually add recurring events either in the external source, or within the Campus Suite calendar module. If the user has the "Writer" access level they will see the "Send for Review" while previewing the event.

Navigation Editor

  • File Browser Window: Random issue where you select a page or item to link to, it does not close the window upon selection. The selection is still made, but the user has to manually close the window.

Widgets (formerly known as Components)

  • List Faculty: This widget works as expected, but when you click a name, you get a 404 error. This is because a special file has not been positioned "view-faculty-details.cfm" that is required to display the details of the person clicked on. The file needs to be manually copied in to place. This item is scheduled to be remedied in CS2.5.