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How do I apply keywords to images?


Apply KeywordsWhen a batch of images in imported into the library for the first time, any keyword meta data that exists in the image is also imported. Additionally, the date the image was taken is imported.

Predetermined Keywords and custom keywords can be specified to all the images upon import. Additionally, whatever you name the batch of images will also be imported as a searchable keyword. Simply check the appropriate criteria for your image(s) making sure that if you are processing multiple images, the criteria fits all the images you are processing.

Enter any additional keywords or phrases, separated by a comma into the custom keyword text field provided, again, making sure that if you are processing multiple images, the criteria fits all the images you are processing.

It is important to know that any keyword data you apply to the batch of images will be applied to ALL the images upon import. You will have an opportunity to come back in and apply more unique keys to individual images later.

Scenario: We have a group of 10 Men's Basketball images in the queue with activity both on and off the court. Once inside the criteria page, we will select the following Predetermined Keywords: Under "Subject," we will choose "Male" and "Athlete," under "Environment," we will choose "Inside" and possibly "Off-Campus," under "Activity," we will choose "Athletic" and under "Season," we will choose "Spring." In the Custom Keywords text box, we will enter in the following: mens basketball, game, cintas center, arena. There could be more criteria, but remember, whatever we apply at this stage will be criteria that fits all 10 images. The images are processed and imported. If we visit the "import Images" link, we'll see our new batch of images that was just imported. Click the batch to see all the images in the batch. Now, we can select each image to further refine our keyword by adding more unique keys or even removing keywords that are not relavent to particular images.

We can use the Previous and Next buttons to move to the next image in the batch. Once each image has undergone two rounds of keywording, they can most accurately be found by others as they search the library using that criteria.


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