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Point your DNS (or web site) to Innersync to go live


When your staged web site is ready to go live, you need to redirect your web site domain to Innersync. Typically, Innersync does not manage your DNS, so you will need to contact and work with your DNS administrator to make arrangments for go-live. Each organization has a different policy to make changes to DNS. Sometimes, your DNS team may require a week or more notice to make changes. Contact your administrator early so that you can plan your web site deployment date and time.

Pointing to the Innersync server is easy. Usually, a single record in your DNS needs to be updated. The record is called an "A record." Right now, your A record points to the IP address where you web site is currently hosted. When someone types in, they arrive at your website. You might also have it set up so that if someone types in only "" it also brings up your web site. without the preceeding www is referred to as your "naked domain." In both cases, your DNS team will make the needed changes. They should only need the IP address at Innersync to update the A record(s) accordingly.

Keep in mind, when they update the A record in the DNS, it can take up to 24-48 hours to propagate around the world wide web. So, it's possible that as propagation occurs, someone might type in your domain and get the old web site, and someone else could type in your domain and get the new web site. Once propagation is complete, everyone will get the new web site.

You should also work with Innersync and let us know when you plan to make the change to your DNS. We'll confirm that we have everything set up on our side ahead of time. Some organizations have multiple domain names that bring up their web site. In this case, you will want to ensure Innersync has all the domains that you plan to point to our servers so that we can be sure everything is set up and will work when propagation completes.

Contact your Innersync representative to get the IP address of the server your web site is on. Your DNS administration team will need this in order to schedule and make the change. Contact us through our support channel if you need any additional information.


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