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I want to upload a file to a different department folder than the one I'm currently in. In the file browser dialogue, by the time I navigate to the folder I wish to upload the document, the file upload box disappears.

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This is a security-related issue and is in place for the safety of your web site. As an example, let's say that you wish to upload a PDF document to the admissions documents folder. However, we are currently in the about folder and wish to link the file on a page in the About department. Here is a simple work-around. Exit the page you are in... then, navigate to the department where you want to place/upload the file. Simply edit ANY page within that department so that you can click the link icon and invoke the file browser.

Navigate to the documents folder. Upload (or replace) your file from within that department. Once it's uploaded... you can click cancel and you also don't have to save the page. (NOTE: You can upload files to the server while editing any page, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to add or link anything on that specific page).

Go back to the original department and page, edit the page, and then navigate/link to that file.


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