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There are several pages on my site that are not editable because "[someone] is currently editing this page" - This would not be possible because the user has already logged out. What do I do?

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This is a page lock that has not been cleared. Often times, you might arrive on a page that says someone is currently editing the page, but you know for a fact that person is not logged into the system. This is not at all related to whether someone is logged in or out, but simply a page lock.

When you click the "edit page" button at the top of a page, the system creates a page lock. This lock is simply a text file created by the system that temporarily stores the username who is editing the page. This let's others who may come upon the page know that someone is currently editing it. Sometimes, these page lock files do not get cleared (or deleted) and the page therefore appears to be locked even after the person who was editing it leaves the page... or logs out of the system.

The main reason why a page remains locked is because the person who was editing the page did not exit the page properly. Specifically, they used their browsers back button. Imagine coming to a page and clicking "edit page" and then deciding that you don't need to make any changes. It is common for someone to click the browser back button. The result is that the system leaves a stray lock file on the server telling everyone that someone is still editing the page.

The proper way to exit a page would be to scroll down, and click either Save, Save Draft, or Cancel (depending on your options). the server has no other way of knowing you are done editing the page. Since the web server is told to create the lock file upon page edit, it must also be told to delete the lock file on page exit. The server does not know that you exited the page when you back out of it using the browsers back button.

This is a known issue that we have been working on and we are developing a better way of handling page locks, but in the interim, we can only train publishers to properly exit each page to avoid stray lock files.

A senior level administrator has the ability to clear these lock files. If you do not have access to clear the lock file, then you should send your system admin the full URL of the page that is locked and they can clear it for you.


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