Hiding a Page



Pages in Campusuite can be "hidden" from your normal visitors. Hiding a page allows you to keep the majority of visitors from accessing a page without having to remove the navigation item or the actual page itself. For example, imagine the scenario where you need to overhaul a page's content, and it would take a long period of time to do it. Instead of allowing visitors to navigate to a WIP, the page can be hidden so that people cannot just stumble upon it.

That being said, it is important to note that hiding a page does not hide it from everything. Campusuite users can still view the hidden navigation items, and anyone that has a direct URL to the page can still access it; the page still resides on the server and can be accessed. What this does is keeps visitors from accessing the page via the navigation like they would normally do.


How Hiding Affects Child Navigation

One may think that hiding a whole section of navigation would be tedious, as one might think that each individual page would need to be hidden. This, however, is not the case; it is very simple to "hide" a whole section of navigation with hiding only one page.

When a navigation item is hidden that has children associated under it, its children will not show in the navigation as well. Since this "parent" navigation (not be be confused with actual parent navigation items, but more generally, as in navigation items that contain children) will not show, the child items would not have anything to be shown under.  Therefore, the child items are "hidden" as well, without actually having been specified as such.  View the screenshot below to better see this:


Consider the "Contact Support" navigation item, which has two children under it. If the "Contact Support" item was not hidden, the navigation would show up as normal. Since the "Contact Support" item is in fact hidden, its children would also not be shown in the navigation, as the item they would normally show under is not visible. So, by hiding the upper-level navigation item, the whole section of navigation if effectively hidden from a visitor. This behavior makes hiding and unhiding large sections of navigation very quick and simple.


Hiding a Page's Navigation Item

  1. You must be viewing a page in the website for which you want to organize pages.
  2. Click the Edit Navigation button in the dashbar. The Navigation Editor will be shown.
  3. Find the navigation item in the Navigation Editor that you want to hide. Click the title of the item to open its navigation properties. The Modify Link page will show.
  4. Click the Advanced Options item to expand the extra options.
  5. In these options will be a Display field, with the option of Hidden. Enable this option.
  6. Click the Update button to save the changes.
  7. You will return to the Navigation Editor. Hidden items are displayed in a light gray font and have " (hidden)" attached to thier name.