Getting Started with Campusuite 2.5 & earlier

If you're a new user, you might need some help getting underway with Campusuite. Depending on your role, select from one of the groups below, and you'll be creating and editing pages before you know it.


The administrator can perform any function in the system. Administrators have the ability to not only manage content, but also manage access and edit site configurations.


Publishers have the ability to freely publish content, but only where they're allowed. Depending  on extra permissions that may be granted, they can also perform some administrative tasks.


Writers have the lowest security level in the system. These users can create and edit drafts of content, which will later can be approved and pushed live by higher security users.


Campusuite has Teacher Pages which can be utilized by the faculty to create personal or class web sites. Teachers in this respect can be thought of as publishers for their own mini-site.