Emergency Alerts

In the event you have news with high importance, such as school closings, or snow emergencies, you can have a noticeable alert appear on the home page of your district, or even individual school sites. In this event, you will simply add a regular news release to your home department and tag it with the reserved tag, "alert" to highlight it on the home page. Depending on how your site is set up, you may need to go under "Advanced Options" on the news release you are adding and share it with the other departments that you want it to appear on. Just let us know if you have any questions on how your site is set up.

The effect is dependent on the template that is being used and may require some initial set-up as your site is being configured. Some important notes to keep in mind about this function are:

  • District wide alerts must be shared with Web home department and tagged with 'alert'. These will show on every page across the site.
  • The actual character count depends on what letters comprise the alert, because some letters consume more space than others. Because of this, there is no set number of characters that it is limited to. Generally, you will add your announcement, tag it with the tag "alert", save, and then check how it's being displayed on your home page. If there are any display problems, simply go back and edit your new alert accordingly.