Editing a Page

In order to edit a page, it is required that:

  • You are logged into the system
  • You have been granted permissions to edit pages for the department that owns the site

Depending on your user level (Publisher, Writer, etc.) or permissions that may or may not have been given to you, you may only be able to save pages as drafts. For an explaination on this, view the documentation on the draft workflow.

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to edit.
  2. Click the Edit Page button.
  3. The page will refresh, but will this time show the page editor. Use the editor to make changes to page as needed. This user guide provides documentation on the page editor and its many features.
  4. Once finished with your changes, you can then save the page in two ways: save and make the changes live or save the changes as a draft. To save the changes and make them live, click the Save Page button. To save the page as a draft, click the Save Draft button. If the page is saved as a draft, it will need to be approved before public users can view the page.