Check Spelling



The page editor in Campusuite also includes a built-in spell checker for your pages. The spell checking in Campusuite is not instananeous; it does not suggest changes as you type, and it must be run manually.

Many modern web browsers offer a spell checker, which is usually automatic. As you type into the editor, you may see the typical red underlining of misspelled words. Usually, this can be fixed by hovering over the word, right-clicking, and using the browser's standard context menu to select a replacement. Due to the fact that the context menu in the browser has been overridden with a custom context menu for the editor, you will not be able to use this browser feature.


Performing a Spell Check

  1. Click the Check Spelling button in the Editor Toolbar. The Spell Check dialog will show and immediately start processing your page for errors. You should allow the dialog to fully process your page before trying to interact with it; this process should only take a few seconds. View a description of this interface for reference.
  2. When the dialog has processed your page, it will begin by showing you the first misspelled word. If no words are misspelled, then you will be alerted that no words are misspelled, and the dialog will automatically close.
  3. At each occurrence of a misspelled word, you will have the options of:
    • Ignoring the single instance of the misspelling.
    • Ignore all instances of the misspelling.
    • Replace the single instance with a word from the list provided, or from what you type in the Change To textbox.
    • Replace all instances of the the misspelling with a word from the list provided, or from the specific text you type into the Change To textbox.
    The dialog also features an undo option, that starts undoing any ignore/replace commands, starting with the most recent.
  4. If you want to discontinue spell checking, click the Cancel button at the bottom of the dialog. All changes made up to the point when you closed the dialog will not be made. You must spell check and ignore or replace every occurrence in order to make any changes from this process.
  5. When the spell check is finished (i.e. you have ignored or replaced all the misspellings; the spell check will not wrap back around through the ignored misspellings like some word processors might), you will be alerted as to how many words were changed, and the dialog will automatically close. At this point, you will need to click the Save Page button at the bottom of the page in order to actually save the fixed spelling errors to the page.