Athletics/Sports Edition



The Athletics/Sports Edition extends the Campusuite platform to accommodate the common functions needed by the Athletics Director at your organization. If you've purchased the sports edition, read on to understand how you can customize the modules in Campusuite to manage coaches, rosters, game schedules and sports highlights.


Customizing the Module Headers

When using the Athletics modules, the same modules that you are familiar with in other areas of the site are used to manage key areas of athletics. Our goal is to make it so that your existing knowledge of the platform makes it easy to to jump in and use the athletics functions. Use the the listing below to understand what modules become when used under an athletics department:

  • News, becomes Sports News/Highlights
  • Faculty, becomes Coaches
  • Events/Calender, becomes Game Schedules
  • The Roster module is only available in the Athletics/Sports Edition.

Because the functions change slightly to accommodate the needs of the Athletics director, so must the default names of the modules at the top of the page. For example, say you are on a specific sport i.e. "Boys' Varsity Football" - When on the Game Schedules page, we would not want it to read simply "Calendar" as it would by default. The AD might want it to read "Boys' Varsity Football Schedule." To do this, click Edit Navigation and click the module item in the navigation to edit it's properties.

Now, under CS Module, place a check next to Create custom display page for this module. Now click Save. This will create a hidden page named "module-custom" at the bottom of the navigation. Edit this page to customize the text that appears at the top of this module. You can do this for all the modules in Campusuite.

Click here to watch a video on how to customize the module headers.

This area of our documentation is in development. Information is becoming available as it is evaluated and revised to our latest running version. Please excuse our dust as we make this documentation as intuitive as possible.