Approving or Denying a Draft

The purpose of a draft is for it to eventually make its way onto the live web site. With this in mind, approving a draft is simply publishing it live.

When a draft is declined, the user who submitted the draft will be alerted, and you will be able to leave comments for them as to why the draft was not sufficient. The user can then fix the draft, and then submit it again. This process can be repeated until the draft is either deletely entirely, or is approved and published live.

When reviewing a draft, the Content Manager can also make their own changes to the draft. This way, a draft with something minor, like a spelling mistake, can be quickly changed and published rather than being sent all the way back to the originator.

To approve or deny a draft:

  1. If you know a page is awaiting a review, you can navigate directly to the page. You should have also received a link in an email to the page. If you are logged into the system and click this link, you will be taken to the page. Drafts can also be accessed via the dashboard.
  2. Click the View Draft button in the dashbar if you are not already viewing the draft of the page.
  3. Review the draft. If you wish, you can click the Edit Draft button to make your own changes to the draft.
  4. To approve the draft, click the Make Live button in the dashbar. You will be prompted for confirmation; click the OK button to continue. To reject the draft, click the Decline Draft button. The dashbar will expand where you can enter a comment as to why you declined the draft. Click the Decline Draft button (the green one) to finish.
  5. If approved, the draft will replace the current live page, and the draft copy will be deleted. If declined, the draft will remain (with the live page unchanged), and the user who submitted the draft will be notified.