Campusuite Administration

Keeping the Campusuite platform up, running, and organized is very important to your website. A major part of the "up and running" is our job, but there is still much for an Administrator to take care of.

There are many configurations that can be made in Campusuite, as well as many ways to organize users, departments, groups, and other information. This section of the user guide is aimed at explaining the features that are available to Administrators.


Departments are used in Campusuite to not only organize your site and its pages, but also your users. This is a very important aspect to Campusuite, and it is recommended that you take time to familiarize yourself with it before attempting to manage your site.


Depending on the size of your organization, the numbers of users needing access to Campusuite will vary, but you will have users nonetheless. Users are another important topic to Campusuite and this documentation is a must-read for Administrators.


Groups act as links between users and multiple department associations. If you have a large number of departments (or would possibly have more departments in the future), it is suggested that you familiarize yourself with this topic and use it to your advantage.


Campus Suite functions are extended with the use of widgets.

My Profile

Each user, whether they are an Administrator, Publisher, or Writer, has a unique profile within Campusuite. This profile can be customized to a user's preferences.


In order to begin using the modules provided by Campusuite, an Administrator will need to setup departments to use them.

Management Tools

These tools enable an administrator to have more control over various "transparent" content around the site. Campusuite boasts an impressive method of error handling designed to maximize efficiency, cleanse the search engines and update you of broken pages and issues. You are also empowered to manage tags and redirects used throughout your web site.