Adding a Navigation Item



The navigation for a site can contain links to more than just local pages. Navigation items can be made that link to other web sites or that make a display page for a module.


Adding a Navigation Item Linked to a Local File

A navigation item can be linked to any file that resides on your server. Typically, web pages will be linked to, but you can also link to PDFs, Word documents, or even things like ZIP files.

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Adding a Navigation Item Linked to a Remote File

Navigation items can be linked to remote web pages or files (content that resides on a server other than your own). These can be web pages, PDFs, Word documents, or even ZIP files. Anything that has a URL can be linked to.

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Adding a Navigation Item for a Module Page

Departments can make use of the many modules in Campusuite to help keep track of different kinds of data, such as news, events, or blogs. There are many times when you may want to share these items with your visitors. Widgets (formerly components) can be used to embed snippets of the data from these modules into your pages. If these are not enough, whole "pages" can be made that are solely dedicated to showing the content for a given module.

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Creating a Custom Display for a Module Page

Although creating a display page for a module is handy, it is not very configurable. Custom content can be displayed on a module page if specified; this basically creates a page whose content will be displayed before showing anything from the module. This allows you to make a "header" of sorts for a module display page.

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