v3 Platform Support

If you are on the latest version of Campus Suite, click the green button below to visit Campus Suite v3 Platform Support. 



If you are are still on 2.5 stay here!

Support and Training

Our goal is to make your Campus Suite experience worry free. Providing live and recorded training, phone support, and intuitive self-guided resources, we cover everything from the basics to more advanced use. From non-technical editors to tech-savvy administrators, we've got the know-how if and when you need help.





Status Monitor

The status monitor allows you to check the status of all Campus Suite services 24x7x365. We watch our application server response times from three different areas in the US, and we are alerted in 5 minutes intervals if performance drops below acceptable levels.
Visit and Bookmark the Status Monitor right now. If you are experiencing connectivity issues, you can check our status monitor to see if the issue is on our end, or yours.
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SitebuilderProduct Roadmap

Continuously improving our products and services requires staying in touch with what our users need and want. We're working on the features you've requested! Check out what's in progress, what's on deck, and what has been completed. Find all updates and their status on this page.


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Feature Requests

Everyone has unique features of their own that they would like to see in a CMS. We want to hear real needs from real customers an incorporate them into Campus Suite. While we cannot promise the delivery of all requests, we do promise all requests will be reviewed and considered for release in our next product update.


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SitebuilderKnown Issues

Innovation challenges the limits of new and current technology. While we mind core web standards and strive to deliver solutions that work well with the most popular  browsers and devices, there are always issues that arise when your pushing the envelope. As we identify issues and nuances between browsers, devices, and their versions, we post those issues here until they are resolved.


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Master Agreements

Understand the agreements that are appropriate to your level of service. Review your Campus Suite License, our Support SLA and if applicable, our Web Services Agreements. You can also review our Best Effort policy that describes how we will work hard to serve you within the limitations of the current version of Campus Suite.


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